How Can a Sales Associate Help Price Your Home?

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There are many factors when trying to price your home in today’s real estate market. There are issues that we forget about during the process. For instance, knowing what is occurring in your local market is a key point when pricing your home to sell. Other factors include:

  • Interest Rates on Home Loans
  • Supply and Demand
  • Foreclosures in your area
  • Unemployment Rate
  • Consumer confidence

Keep in mind that each factor affects at least one of the other factors, which is why being up-to-date on issues and the market in your community is important.

Why do I need an agent after taking these facts into consideration?

Yes, you can try to find out information about the market from the news, internet and local resources, but those sources can be unreliable and aren’t always current.

Finding a real estate expert in your area is a great way to find out what is actually happening in your local market. Sales associates are on top of information such as current prices, interest rates, available loan programs and market news.

Taking into consideration the factors above, the associates understand where prices need to be for your particular home and situation.

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