Market Analysts Revise 2013 Projections — The Housing Market is Stronger than Anticipated

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Analysts recorded their future price projections at the end of 2012, and with increases ranging from 2% to 5.3%. Each analyst has since upgraded their price projections based on the first quarter, with the lowest gains at 4.2%. With an average growth of 2.89%, the analysts agree — the market is accelerating faster than they anticipated. Consumers can expect home prices to rise more quickly based on the added momentum the experts predict for 2013.

If you have tried to sell your home in the past but didn’t get the offer you have been looking for, now is the time to re-enter the marketplace and sell your home at a higher price. Don’t wait too long — with inventory at historic lows, it is unlikely the dream house you’re looking to move to will be available for long. Although prices are not at 2006’s artificially high levels, buyers looking to purchase a larger home will reap the benefits now of purchasing it at a more reasonable price before year’s end..

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